The Art of Loving Cacti

I was sitting at a desk. A random desk that I don’t usually sit at because this isn’t my house and I’m not usually here. Usually blog posts happen within the confines of my own bedroom or sitting outside watching the world go by.

I was feeling very uninspired. There’s good music playing, which I thought might help, but all it resulted in was me sitting here and finding the next best song to play to create the perfect atmosphere. (Currently it’s the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.)

So I was sitting here at my sister’s desk (not quite some random) just looking around the room from where I sit. (There’s something really interesting, correct me if I’m wrong, at looking at other people’s stuff. It shows a bit of who they are, and most of the time results in me thinking ‘I should do this to my own space when I get the chance’. I’m sure this chance will be only when I have my own home. So if someone wants to buy me a house, feel free.)

Anywho, I was looking around then looking at the time because I want to blog with time to spare. Cutting it close to midnight isn’t fun. I’ve learnt from my early days and now know to get it done as early as possible.

And then my eyes land on a cactus.

Not a real one. Not even a fake one. But a drawing of a cactus.

So cute.

My sister recently bought a book about how to draw flowers and plants, and cacti are a part of such a book, much to my great happiness. They’re spiky and sometimes funny looking but so, s fantastic. Especially the little cute ones. So good.

I don’t have much else to say about cacti. I don’t really know much about cacti. But I know that they’re spiky, and even spiky plants deserve hugs, so I’m glad they can hug echidnas. (Fun fact: it tried to tell me echidna wasn’t a word and had the decency to tell me I meant to type enchiladas. No, word document. No, enchiladas will not try to hug a cactus.

So I love plants and I love cacti and I love flowers. I love flowers the most because they look pretty, smell pretty, feel pretty. Especially pink ones. Or small delicate white flowers. But most of all sunflowers. But not for a bouquet. For a bouquet delicate white flowers and pink flowers. Someone at work was delivered flowers the other day, and it warmed my heart. So cute.

Alright, campers, that’s enough ramble about a topic I don’t know too much about.

Enjoy your cactus,

Sarah xx

P.S. The term “enjoy your cactus” sounded dodgier than I meant it to. As in, I didn’t mean it to sound dodgy at all. Please don’t think anything dodgy.

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