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20 things learned at 20

My twentieth birthday is actually on the twelfth of June, but somebody gave me an idea of what to post on my birthday, so I thought I’d post this today while I was thinking of it.

A lot has changed since my last birthday, and as I’ll no longer be a teenager, I thought I’d make a list of twenty things I’ve learned since turning nineteen. Here they are…

  1. Try new things
  2. Stand up for yourself
  3. Do what brings you joy
  4. You can be afraid and brave at the same time
  5. Ask questions
  6. Be yourself
  7. Follow your heart
  8. Plants thrive in the right environment
  9. Think before you buy
  10. If you’re learning something you’ll probably make mistakes
  11. A lot of things aren’t meant to be taken personally
  12. Talk to people
  13. How to play the guitar
  14. Stepping out is terrifyingly good for you
  15. God is proud of you
  16. There is so much out there
  17. Worship without worrying about other people
  18. You can do it
  19. You are worth it
  20. Bulky scarves make winter even more wonderful

Until tomorrow, campers,

Sarah xx

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