The Art of Singing ‘That’ Note

I was listening to a song today. It’s playing as I type this, actually, like some kind of moral support.

It’s one of those songs that makes me wish I had written it, sung it, been there when it was recorded. Because it’s one of those songs that, though the beginning is good, somewhere (usually between halfway and the end) there is a magic note. That note. ‘That’ note. And it gets me every time.

A song can be a good song. A singer can be a good singer. But you know when they break out of their shell and the usual melody and they go higher or do something out of time or just a bit different and for some reason it’s absolute perfection. It’s like the artist forgets they were singing just a song, and they break out and do this amazing thing with their voice and you know they’re just going for it and enjoying the music and the music is carrying them and inspiring them and they’re just singing these amazing things because they want to, because they feel it.

I want to find my magic note one day. I want to break out of the melody. I want to be more than a harmony. It’s beautiful. I don’t even know how to describe it. Check this out; the only way I can describe it and get my point across is if I give you a real example.



At 3:26. Hear that? See that? How good was that! Her voice just hit this amazing note and it was the best thing I’ve ever heard.

One day I’ll have a note like that,

Sarah xx

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