The Art of Loving Polka-Dots

The day I wore a polka-dotted jumper for the first time I got approximately a gazillion compliments. Someone even chucked in a pun as they poked-a-dot! Ha! And so I wore my polka-dotted jumper with pride as I walked around, throwing smiles around as though I was everyone’s best friend. All because of a jumper.

Polka dots are fun, we can’t deny it. There’s no use in running from the truth that polka dots are fun. It’s a fact, alongside the world is round and the sun rises every morning. I caught a glance of myself in a window and it was a moment of heck yeah I’m the polka dot lady today.

It’s one of those things that, had I run into someone else wearing polka dots, I would’ve given them some sort of secretive-knowing smile because we’re twinning in rocking the polka dots. It’s like that time I was twinning with an eight-year-old girl. Such a good moment. It’s a small feeling of being united with a total random, like you read each other’s minds that morning or got the unwritten memo of polka dot day.

I’m wearing my polka dot jumper again today, though have yet to see someone else in polka dots. If I do, however, I may be obliged to wink at them.

Wear some polka dots and join the club,

Sarah xx

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