The Art of Letting Go

My friend told me to write a blog post about letting go, because when I asked her what I should write about, that’s what she said has been on my mind, so here I am. Writing about letting go.

If I’m being honest, I don’t know what else to say because I don’t want to get too deep and awkward on my public blog. And I don’t want to be one of those people who just talks about their issues, because life is more than just our issues, though our issues do impact a large amount of our lives.

Okay, here we go, campers. Let’s go deep and talk about letting go.

For me, I’m not good at letting go of certain things because it means a season is over and it means there’s change and it means you have to move on from something. Let go. I googled let go synonyms, and what it came up with was this: allow someone or something to escape or go free and relinquish one’s grip on someone or something. Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? Though it’s in a metaphorical sense. If you’ve been attached to someone, they don’t just leave and you’re over it. You have to let them go or they’ll continue to affect you even if you don’t see them anymore.

You need to loosen your grip. You need to intentionally let go or you’ll be holding on holding on holding on and it’ll get worse and worse and worse. And it will keep affecting you. If you’re holding onto something; if your hands are clutched around a person or a dream or a hope you’re clinging. And that takes up so much energy. It’s like holding a person over the edge of a cliff to stop them from falling; your energy is spent on keeping them there. You need to let them go.

Sometimes we have to let go of a lost dream. It’s not always a person we have to let go of. It can be something that was possible that is now impossible. A door closing, or something dramatically cheesy like that.

And it’s hard letting go. I know that it’s so, so hard. Because it’s the end of an era and you need a new focus and you’re losing something you’ve invested so much into. Even if all you’ve invested is a hundred thoughts. That’s a hundred thoughts you’re losing. That’s a hundred thoughts that feel like a waste.

But it gets easier. And I really didn’t want to say that because that’s just so bloomin’ cheesy and gross, but it’s true and it’s the only advice I can really offer right now because I’m still living a process of letting go and I’m still not good at it. Trust me; every second thought in my head these days is “take this God, I give it to you.” Because I find myself taking it back every ten minutes. But one day I’ll stop taking it back, and I’ll have let go for the last time.

Let go, campers,

Sarah xx

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