The Art of Loving Winter

Aww yis it’s that time of year. Winter, baby!

I don’t know where that came from.

Anyway, it’s that time of year campers; winter! I finally have a good excuse as to why I own a bunchy scarf and many beanies (all with pompoms, folks). There’s now no need to get defensive when people ask you why you have no money and you kind of guiltily point to your cupboard that holds your stash of winter woollies. No need for guilt campers! Because winter is here and you don’t want to be cold. It’s perfectly reasonable to spend all your savings on comfy things. And the people rejoice!

2014 (22).JPG

In all seriousness, I do love winter.

It comes up often enough in my blog posts, winter. I mention it in my posts about beanies and scarves and playlists and -oh, I can make up a winter playlist for you guys! Watch this space!

In one of my very first blog posts (The Art of Loving Summer), I wrote this in regards to winter:

“You get to wear comfy pants, big jackets that rustle when you move, and you can have a permanent cup of tea in your hands without judgement. It’s cold outside, and you can look out there with a sense of satisfaction because you’re warm and dry and you don’t have to go outside any time soon. But alongside this comes the testing of character; getting out of a warm bed every morning, getting out of a hot shower every evening, taking your hand out of your pocket to click the computer mouse.

Struggle is real.”

I wrote that in summer as my mind remembered what it was like to live out a winter’s day. Well, now I am legitimately living out a winter’s day, and it’s exactly what I wrote all those months ago. The struggle is still very, very, real. (First world problems, am I right am I right.)

Anyway, so it’s winter. We get it, Sarah. You talk about it literally all the time. What’s the point? The point is that a new season is upon us. What are you going to do in this season? What are you leaving behind? I’m turning twenty in winter. I’ll never see another spring as a nineteen year old. Surely things like that have to make you think, at least a little?

Enjoy winter, campers. I know I will.

Sarah xx

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