The Art of Loving Scarves

I bought a new scarf this morning, and it’s wonderful.

It’s a big scarf that’s not made of light see-through fabric, but hefty acrylic. It’s bunchy and perfect for the upcoming winter.

I had to take it off (briefly) this afternoon whilst my friends and I put on facemasks (mine was green tea and peppermint, and I felt like a walking breath mint), but now it’s back on in time for the cooling evening.

I love scarves. They’re warm and protect your neck from the harsh winter wind. And if you have as many scarves as I do, you can rotate them which means you could perceivably wear the same clothes for days on end and no one will know because a different scarf changes the whole outfit. Not that I do that. Pffft, no.

Buy yourself a scarf and stay warm, campers,

Sarah xx

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