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The Art of Hibernating

I haven’t been feeling 100% the past few days, and now that I finally (finally) have a day off, I can safely blog about hibernation and all that it entails.

You will need:

1 box of tissues (2 if you’re feeling insecure)

1 laptop (w/ charger)

1 bunch of bananas (a snack that makes you feel better about yourself)

1 phone (in case you want to convince yourself you’re being social by going on Facebook)

1 Bible (because God rocks)


(Remembering that I live in community, where the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry are shared, thus making it easy to run into someone and not end up hibernating after all.)

  1. Wake up earlier than other people. This may seem difficult, but if you happen to wake up naturally like I do this, this is good. Why? Because you can wash your sheets and get all the germs off them when no one else is in the laundry. Because, really, who else would be doing their washing on their day off early in the morning?
  2. Go back to bed.
  3. Wake up late
  4. Put all the dirty tissues in the bin. It’ll make you feel better.
  5. Get a jug of water and a glass and take it back to your room so you stay hydrated without the pressure of leaving your bed.
  6. Make yourself some porridge. I know there’s leftover Indian food in the fridge, but will it make you feel better? No! Have good self-control and make the porridge. You’ll thank me while you’re eating it.
  7. You don’t know if you’re hot or cold? I don’t know what to do either, I’m just suffering in silence as I deal with these conflicting notions.
  8. Hang your bedding on the line. As I said, no one else is going to be doing their laundry right now.
  9. Take some meds now that you’ve eaten if you need some. I try not to take meds for as long as possible, but sometimes you just gotta.
  10. Open the curtains if you haven’t already. Sun makes you feel better. If you can brave it, maybe go outside in the afternoon when it’s sunny and warm. Not for too long, because we’re supposed to be hibernating, but too much inside-sick-air is yuck. Fresh air makes you feel better.
  11. Have a shower, or in the least put on some clean clothes. Again, it’ll make you feel better. Don’t wallow in stale pyjamas.
  12. Read the Bible. Because – guess what – it’ll make you feel better. And you’ve got a whole day to use; imagine how much of your Bible plan you can catch up on with this time!
  13. For lunch, eat something simple that won’t make your stomach feel weird or kill your throat. Scrambled eggs are my way to go, but scrambled eggs are always my way to go. If you don’t know how to make them, find the recipe here (I’ve been wanting to do that forever).
  14. Fill in the rest of your day with easy activities, such as Sims 4 and journaling. These are my two favourites, but you know what I mean; read and sleep and watch movies and get better.
  15. Drink tea. Tea is always a good idea.

Mistakes made:

  1. Only having one tissue box. I had to un-hibernate myself and hunt down another two tissue boxes. *shudder*
  2. Not wearing shoes whilst hanging out my laundry. Cold feet = not good when sick.

And I just want to reiterate this point: Don’t wallow in stale pyjamas! No one likes stale pyjamas.

Get better, campers, and I will too,

Sarah xx

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