The Art of Ordering Books Online

I ordered a book online last week and each day since has been filled with excitement at the prospect of it arriving that day. Well, it finally arrived yesterday and it was so much more exciting than I could have hoped. Someone told me I had a parcel, so I hurriedly checked, and there it was, with my name on it, bubble wrapped and book-shaped.

Much happy dancing followed as I unwrapped the bubble wrap and looked at the book inside. “The Essence of the Thing”, by Madeleine St John. And, because I ordered from Book Depository, a free bookmark sat nestled between the pages! And it was a nice one too; a sketch of a village. How good is that.

Madeleine St John only wrote four/five books in her lifetime, I believe, and I had only read one before deciding to buy a second. The first one, “The Women in Black”, was just so enjoyable I wanted to check out her other work. And I’m so glad I did. Last night after dinner I started to read my new book, and I didn’t stop reading until I fell asleep, so I’m just over halfway.

There’s something oddly simple in the way she writes that makes it easy to read, but it’s also quite strange and beautiful. I don’t know, there’s just something in it that I love.

So that was exciting. I’m excited.

I’m running out of things to blog about, campers,

Sarah xx

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