The Art of Loving Tea

I’m not proud to admit this fact, but I used to drink tea with sugar.

I now don’t, because in the last couple years of high school my mum slowly fed me tea with less and less sugar in it. And I didn’t always enjoy it, but I do now. Now I can taste the actual tea.

As I type this blog post, I have loose leaf tea steeping on my bedside table next to me, and I can smell it subtly. Gee it smells good. It’s a chocolate tea I was given last Christmas, and I keep it in a special box in my top drawer, where I keep all my food/drink things hidden away from other people. Not that other people want what’s it in there; thus far all it holds is Panadol and tea. But that’s enough for me.

I drink tea any time of year, no matter how hot or cold it is, and though it’s nice to hold a hot mug around your hands in the winter, a part of me enjoys tea far more when it’s sunny. Let me explain.

You know how it’s far more motivating to clean your room, throw stuff out, organise your life when it’s warm and sunny? It’s like, you open the curtains and the window on a spring morning and let in the breeze, and alongside the breeze comes in this fresh feeling of productivity and cleanliness. Well, it’s like that.

This morning, as I type, the curtains have been flung wide open and the windows are open letting in a breeze. The light is full and bright as it fills the room, and the sun is actually warm. (Unlike all those times in winter when you walk outside fully expecting to be warm, and it’s like the sun isn’t producing any heat because the air is just so cold.) So right now it feels like a nice spring day (minus the smell of freshly mown grass) and it feels like a relaxing day where you can drink tea at a leisurely pace and enjoy every minute of your day. Good music, sheets washed, warm breeze.

Because I don’t drink tea when I’m in a rush. I make it when I have time and when I have the time to enjoy it. Drinking tea has good connotations, like spring. Tea is a spring drink. And today, as I drink my tea (yay!) the weather is warm and things feel relaxed. In this moment, things aren’t hectic. And I don’t drink tea when things are hectic, which is why I usually don’t drink it during work hours, because I know I won’t be able to sit down and simply enjoy it without having something to do, making me leave it and then it’ll go lukewarm and lukewarm tea is feral.

So tea is a spring drink more than a winter drink because it’s relaxing and feels like a productive-but-not-stressful time. You know?

Enjoy your tea, campers,

Sarah xx


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