The Art of Being Warm

9:00am – Enter a room. Be cold. Think to yourself it’s fine, I’ll warm up in two minutes when I’m settled and used to this room’s temperature.

9:02am – Put on a pair of socks. Cold feet = cold body. Warm feet = happy body.

9:10am – Nestle into a blanket, because though the socks are nice, they aren’t helping your cold arms.

9:30am – Stop what you’re doing and realise you’re still cold.

9:31am – Leave the room for a drink then walk back in. It’ll seem warmer if you’re used to the outside colder temperature.

9:45am – That only worked for a minute.

10:00am – cave and put the heater on low. You don’t want to be that person, after all.

10:30am – treat-yo-self and turn the heater up.

11:00am – Should you go downstairs and get food? No, not after all the effort you put into getting warm in the first place.

11:08am – eat the banana on your bedside table. It’ll get you through until 1:00am, when it will hopefully be warmer, thus safer to go downstairs.

11:15am – why is it still cold in here? Wrap yourself up tightly in a blanket.

11:30am – pride yourself on your survival skills. You’re finally a comfortable temperature. Well done, camper.

Enjoy the quickly approaching winter,

Sarah xx

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