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The Art of Surviving a Busy Week

Here is my list of surviving a busy week, because I’m 100% sure this week has been and will continue to be the busiest week of my life. So far. Who knows what the rest of the year/my life will hold.

  1. Don’t think too hard into the future.

What makes me feel worse and more stressed is thinking about all of the things I still haven’t done. Take one thing at a time. Sure, it’s good to be organised and know what’s coming up until lunch or what to do for the rest of the day, but don’t think “oh, I need to do this tomorrow and that the day after and this next week and and and”, because that never helps. It just makes me feel overwhelmed when most of those things don’t need to be thought about yet. Each day will take care of itself.

  1. Take the time to breathe.

Don’t be so focused on all the jobs you have to do that you don’t stop and look after yourself. It’s okay to take ten minutes and relax. Get a cup of tea, put your feet up, write in your journal. What helps me is simply getting up from either my office desk or my study space, and making myself a cup of tea. Take the time and wait for the tea to steep for long enough. Breathe. Think (or sometimes don’t think; that can be the better option on the occasion).

  1. Talk to people in your lunch break.

And don’t just discuss work. Sure, you can, and it’s nice that they’re interested, but also have a laugh and talk about weird things. Leave your work in your work space, or you’ll never relax and have fun with people, because you’ll be constantly thinking about what you’re going to do.

  1. Feel proud of yourself

You survived an hour! You survived a day! You survived that one really tough customer! You survived writing one sentence of your assignment! I’ve learnt to feel accomplished and proud of myself for doing things throughout the day. If I never looked back and felt proud of myself for the good work I’d been doing, I wouldn’t feel motivated to keep going. People aren’t always going to notice or compliment your works, so I’ve learnt to do it myself. #GoSarahyourockedittoday

  1. Do something fun

This sounds so cliché, but it’s a legit thing. After a long day/week, I treat myself with a long (long) shower and then I have some me time, journaling or reading or blogging, usually listening to music and eating vegemite toast. Just do something to refresh you and make you love life again. It’s so easy to get negative, but if you remind yourself why you do what you do it’ll be sweet. If you like dogs, go pet a dog. If you like trees, go climb a tree. Do whatever makes you feel joy again.

  1. Make a funky to-do list

If your hectic schedule involves planting tomatoes, draw a groovy tomato on your to-do list and it’ll make you keen to both do the task and tick it off once you’ve done it! Is that motivation or what?!

You got this,

Sarah xx

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