Afternoon-Chill Playlist

This is one of my favourite playlists; it’s great to just put on because it creates an atmosphere that doesn’t force you to do anything but appreciate the music.

  1. Fire and the flood (Vance Joy)

“And I’ll always feel you in my blood.”

2. Beautiful Thing (Grace VanderWaal)

“We’re a beautiful thing together, even when the weather is low.”

3. Good People (Jack Johnson)

“We got heaps and heaps of what we sow.”

4. Rising Water (James Vincent McMorrow)

“Because you make me feel alive in spite of rising water.”

5. Somebody to Love (The New Victorians cover of Queen)

“Can anybody find me somebody to love?”

6. Roll up Your Sleeves (Meg Mac)

“So I’ll go and I’ll join the free, there’s people there, they’re just like me.”

7. Out of the Woods (Taylor Swift)

“We were built to fall apart then fall back together.”

8. Fidelity (Regina Spektor)

“Suppose I never ever met you, suppose we never fell in love.”

9. Naïve (The Kooks)

“I’m not saying it was your fault although you could have done more.”

10. Her diamonds (Rob Thomas)

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do but if she feels bad then I do too.”

11. Grigio Girls (Lady Gaga)

“Pour your heart out, watch your blues turn gold.”

12. Blame it On Me (George Ezra)

“What you waiting for?”

13. Follow the Sun (Evermore)

“I want to see you a little brighter now.”

14. 1,000 Ships (Rachel Platten)

“But I’ll be here waiting, I’ll always be the same.”

Enjoy your afternoons, campers

Sarah xx

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