Afternoon-Chill Playlist

Here is my playlist of fifteen afternoon-chill beats. They’re so chill, I feel relaxed just thinking about them. This is one of my favourite playlists; it’s great to just put on because it creates a great atmosphere that doesn’t force you to do anything at all but appreciate the music. (And I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m listening to it right now and it’s not even afternoon 😉 .)

  1. Fire and the flood (Vance Joy)

This song will never not be welcome.





























2. Beautiful Thing (Grace VanderWaal)

It gets so dramatic towards the end, I love it.





























3. Good People (Jack Johnson)

To be honest, anything Jack Johnson has chill afternoon vibes.



























4. Rising Water (James Vincent McMorrow)

A lot of people told me this song is boring, but I think it’s brilliant.

























5. Somebody to Love (The New Victorians – Queen cover)

Usually covers aren’t as good as the original, but this is the exception. Listen to it all the way through and you won’t be disappointed.























6. Roll up Your Sleeves (Meg Mac)

It’s telling you to be productive but the tune makes you want to do nothing (in a good way).



















7. Water Under the Bridge (Adele)

So chill I can’t even.



















8. Out of the Woods (Taylor Swift)

A mix of relaxed and dramatic, Taylor Swift is always fantastic.

















9. Fidelity (Regina Spektor)

Happy and chill song = happy and chill me.















10. Naïve (The Kooks)

You can’t sing this song without copying his accent, seriously.





















11. Her diamonds (Rob Thomas)

Kind of sad, but mostly chill.







12. Grigio Girls (Lady Gaga)

I like the style of this album; it’s not quite so pop, and this song showcases that.





13. Blame it On Me (George Ezra)

Still cannot get over his fab voice.




14. Follow the Sun (Evermore)

Chill. Chill. Chill.


15. 1,000 Ships (Rachel Platten)

Chill. Chill. So cute. So chill.

Well, campers, I hope you enjoy your afternoons now that I’ve provided you with a soundtrack,

Sarah xx

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