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The Art of Making Lists

It’s been a while since I’ve written a list post, which is strange for me, because I definitely went through a list phase and I definitely still love lists. List upon list upon list, bring it on. (I also haven’t written a long blog post in a while, I wonder if that’ll ever happen again. I miss those days, of having lots of things to write about and lots of words just happening on the page. Those were the exciting days.)

So here is a list, campers! Get excited fo’ dis.

1. What do you want your list to be about? Whatever your theme (whether it be chores, favourite books, famous people you want to meet), the list should follow that theme. Imagine if I was writing a list of movies I want to see, and I read number five and it says “five medium-sized carrots” Don’t mix grocery lists with other lists, that’s just disturbing.

2. Number one is kind of most important, because it’s number one, but what can happen is we write down number one, forgetting that something is actually more important, so the most important thing on the list could in actual fact be number two. Shocker, I know. If you were making a list of cosmetics to buy, for instance, deodorant is probably more of a priority than nail polish, but that doesn’t mean deodorant will be first on the list.

3. Know your audience. If it’s for you, you can shorthand it anyway you like. If it’s for your child, friend, or spouse, make it as clear as possible. No one else lives in your brain; no one else knows that “T – cln – spiders and books” means “On Tuesday clean away the spider webs and dust the bookcases.” That only means something to you.

4. Don’t become too dependent on lists, or you’ll fall apart when they’re taken away from you. Not that anyone would purposefully take away your list to spite you (seriously, who does that?) but lists do have the tendency to get misplaced, particularly when we scrawl them onto the backs of old envelopes and brochures.

5. Don’t become so dependent on lists that you can’t spontaneously do spontaneous activities.

Well, that’s all from me for now. I had a lot of ideas, but then I stopped writing this post and now that I’m back at it my brain can’t deal. So this is all you’ll get for today, but who knows; maybe tomorrow will be the day that another long-ish blog post will be written. Just for you, campers.

Have a good one,

Sarah xx

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