The Art of Loving Cards

I happened to walk in a bookshop this afternoon, and once I had exhausted their bookshelves I went over to the card displays, which I always enjoy looking at as a last-minute browse.

What I saw didn’t disappoint.

Because it wasn’t your typical chain-bookstore, there were beautifully crafted cards with interesting looking people and flowers and designs. You know the ones I’m talking about; the faded-textured-painty-looking-gives-a-vintage-vibe cards that are really beautiful.

But among these not-so-typical cards lay a bunch that I have never come across before.

They were plain white cards with two or three sentences on them in small type-writer letters, so you had to lean in close to see what they said. The first card I picked up confused me as I read the first line:

“I believe in miracles”

Woah, I thought. Are these some kind of bizarre religious cards? If so, I’m putting this down because that’s slightly too cringe for me. Or is it just a really cheesy Valentine’s Day card? If so, yeah, I’m still moving right along.

Despite these thoughts, I kept reading, because two more lines followed and my curiosity got the better of me:

“Where you from

You sexy thing.”

Okay, definitely not religious or Valentine’s Day cards.

They were brilliant! They cracked me up; I was so tempted to buy this card because it was so fantastic, but I decided not to last minute. I really should have, though, and saved it for the perfect person on the perfect occasion.

Most cards don’t do it for me, but every now and then you get a winner. And today I believe I found the ultimate winner.

(Other cards include: “We are the Champions” by Queen, and “Life During Wartime” by Talking Heads. It doesn’t get much better than this.)

Enjoy your weekend, campers,

Sarah xx

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