The Art of Sitting and Waiting

As Jack Johnson sings so well, “Just wait a minute, just sitting waiting. Just wait a minute, just sitting waiting.” And, okay, I get that it doesn’t make too much sense without the context of the song. After you’ve read this post you can go and look it up, because it’s pretty genius.

Waiting for things can be frustrating, I’ll be the first to admit that. But waiting is actually one of the most rewarding things of all, isn’t it? When you’ve been waiting for something and then there it finally is.

For instance, waiting for the rain. When it’s sunny and sunny and sunny and then you hear that slight sound of drops on a tin roof. And so you look out the window just to make sure you’re not going crazy, and whilst it starts off slow, and you can barely see the rain, it’s there. And it builds and builds and builds and suddenly you can smell the rain everywhere and you can see the rain everywhere and you can hear the rain everywhere and it’s everything you need in that moment. In that moment that you just sit and watch it after waiting and waiting and waiting.

Or waiting on God. When you want confirmation, when you want answers, when you need revelation, when you need encouragement. You sit and you wait and you rest in His presence and then there He is and there is your answer and you write it down and it’s everything you need. Sometimes it’s not what you want, although even if it’s not what you want, it still feels like a sigh of relief because God spoke to you and you got exactly what you needed.

It’s also good to just sit, and the waiting isn’t even necessary. How good is that simple sitting, resting, pondering, and any other words you can use synonymously here. That breath out as you look out the window without anything pressing on your mind. That breath out as you relax and don’t even think about anything worth thinking about. Just random things that come to mind because you’re not stressing or thinking about the next thing you need to be doing. It’s that moment when you have five minutes until your alarm goes off, that moment when you come home after a busy day out.

Jack Johnson’s scenario sucks. He’s sitting, waiting, and wishing upon someone who’s not loving him. In his position the sitting and the waiting doesn’t sound too appealing. It sounds miserable, actually.

But sitting and waiting are nothing bad in themselves. We should do it more, I think. We should slow down more. Think more. Process more. We busy ourselves to keep ourselves from thinking too hard. I too am a victim of this when things in my life aren’t going so great, and all I want to do is something that will keep my mind off it. But it’s not overly helpful.

And in the morning’s, when I do sit and wait upon God with expectancy, it’s always always always time well spent. It’s always more filling to my spirit than I expect, I always receive more than I expect. God always speaks more than I expect. Maybe I have doubt, maybe I’m living as a slave, I’m not sure, but God always follows through more than I think He will. He always rocks up and He always makes the reward greater than the time spent waiting.

Try sitting and waiting, for I think it’s something we can always get better at,

Sarah xx

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