The Art of People Watching

(Also known as ‘Being Bored on Trains’)

A woman chewing gum in a very particular, quick rhythm. Chew-chew-chew-pause-breathe. Chew-chew-chew-pause-breathe.

A man rubbing his thumb over his cheek. Again. And again. And again. Not in a nervous way, in a way that suggests he’s pondering life and trying not to be too sad.

A couple laughing together. Their sitting positions mirror each other, only she has a coffee cup in her hand, resting on her leg. Did he buy that for her?

A woman on her phone, staring at it then back out the window. Phone-window-phone-window-sigh. Phone-window-phone-window-sigh.

A group laughing together, half of them wearing sunglasses as they chose the seats directly facing the sun. I wonder how they know each other. They throw jokes at each other, jokes that I recognise within my own group of friends, when we would keep a joke going way past its expiry date. Hey, remember that cat? Yes, the cat! You’re a cat. Your face is a cat. Good, because I want it to be. That sort of stuff, that’s not quite as funny when I see it written down. In the moment though, and it’s gold.

And then there’s me, girl by herself, earphones in, writing in her journal. Yeah, the one in the pink jumper. That’s me, campers.

Have a good train trip,

Sarah xx

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