The Art of Buying a Leather Jacket

Campers, a leather jacket has been bought.

It started off as a good enough day; sunny without being too hot, lazing around, enjoying life. And then someone mentioned going to an op shop, and I was in. Op shops are the perfect place to find leather jackets, real or not, at a good price. So I eagerly went along, hoping to find one.

I tried one on, it didn’t fit. I nearly bought it out of desperation, but that’s a pretty silly reason, so I put it down and went to the next shop. No leather jacket was found at any op shop; at least, no leather jacket that was good for me.

Our last stop before heading home was Kmart. Kmart of all places.

And there, in the girls section of Kmart (not women’s, girls. As in, I’m a five year old who wears pink sparkly cat skirts and plastic watermelon bracelets), was a rack of leather jackets.

Tiny ones. Lots of tiny ones. Tiny leather jackets for tiny little cool people who wear pink sparkly cat skirts and plastic watermelon bracelets. And then, at the very back, there it was. A little girls leather jacket that wasn’t so little.

I bought it.

And it’s fake leather and I’m twinning with five year olds all around Australia, but it’s mine. And I haven’t worn it yet and I’m scared that it’s slightly too big, but it’s a leather jacket and I’ve always wanted to own a leather jacket.

Follow your heart, campers, even if your heart takes you to the girls’ section in Kmart.

Have a good one,

Sarah xx

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