The Art of Loving Blankets

Campers, due to the cold changes in weather (although today I was a bit too warm in my bird socks, so I had to take them off ☹) blankets are becoming more and more appealing. Yay! Finally!

Last night I fell asleep and all was well. I had nice dreams, nice nice nice, and when I woke up for a second I thought all was normal.

Except that it was four in the morning. And I was freezing. And my blanket was twisted sideways. All I wanted to do was sleep except my blanket was failing me.

You know what I mean; you’ve all been through it. When your blanket has turned from portrait to landscape, resulting in either your feet going cold as they stick out the edge, or your back going sore because you curl up as much as possible to get your whole body into the blanket coverage.

There is one simple solution to this, and I know you’ve seen it too: twist the blanket back around.

But in a half-awake state, this kind of logic just doesn’t make an appearance. I knew I could move my blanket, but I knew that if I did I would wake up fully, making it harder to get back to sleep. Is it worth it? The correct answer is yes, but in sleep-deprivation, the answer is usually no.

I love blankets. And I love autumn and winter and excuses to be under blankets, like in scary/intense movies and you need a blanket to protect/comfort you. I know I’m not the only one. Blankets are amazing.

So I love blankets. And I love that the weather is quickly becoming acceptable blanket weather.

Until tomorrow, campers,

Sarah xx

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