Road Trippin’ Playlist

I’m going to be honest with you all: this is, yet again, another playlist. Partly because I love playlists but also partly because my creative brain is having a slow week.

Anywho, this is eleven songs I love listening to in the car or train, because it feels like I’m having a movie moment of breaking free. Dramatic, I know.

  1. My Way (Calvin Harris)

“Go do that thing despite this other thing”






































2. Mountain Sound (Of Monsters and Men)

“Go do that thing with your favourite person in the whole world”


































3. Wild Horses (Birdy – Sam Feldt Remix)

“Go do that thing without your favourite person in the whole world”






























4. Waiting For Love (Avicii)

“Don’t go do this thing it’ll find you”


























5. Send Me on my Way (Rusted Root)

“You go tell me to do this thing”























6. Spitting Fire (The Boxer Rebellion)

“I finally went and did that thing despite that other thing”

















7. Runaway (Ed Sheeran)

“Go do that thing because people suck”














8. Left Undone (Jars of Clay)

“Go do that thing even though you’ve done that other thing”









9. Don’t Blink (Relient K)

“Go do that thing unless it involves blinking”






10. Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes)

“Go do that thing because you look like Bette Freakin’ Davis”




11. Shake it Off (Taylor Swift)

“Go do that thing which is called shaking it off”


I hope you all enjoy road tripping with a fabulous playlist of adventure songs.

Sarah xx

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