The Art of Wearing a Leather Jacket

Campers, I have worn a leather jacket. One goal in life achieved.

It seems like such a small thing, although I’m positive I can think up a deep reason for wanting to wear a leather jacket. Let’s see how I go…

Some articles of clothing have connotations, whether good or bad, whilst others don’t in my mind. These connotations could differ to yours. For instance, when I wear baggy jumpers, I automatically think of days hibernating in my room either studying or reading articles online, being so ridiculously comfortable I only move to get food. (I think I’ve talked about this a little bit before, but we can rehash the topic.)

I love the connotation of the ‘right’ leather jacket. (And I don’t mean the scary-biker-puffy-shouldered kind. I mean the glamorous-fits-just-right kind.) Someone in a leather jacket (the ‘right’ kind) is automatically cool and collected. Am I the only one who thinks that? They automatically have strong motivations behind everything they do and they can get away with stuff because of said motivations.

Leather jackets just have that vibe of determination. Something about them has just always appealed to me. In the way some girls can pull them off and make a statement. And the fact that you can pair it with jeans or a pretty dress only adds to the appeal.

When I wore the leather jacket, I felt beautiful because I felt like a girl in a movie who’s getting her life together. A girl in a magazine who everyone aspires to be. And I’m happy with how I usually look and I feel beautiful on other days, but when I wore the leather jacket it was a different kind of beautiful. There was a new-found confidence that I don’t always possess. It made me feel like I could pursue the things in life that I want, and with success. I felt like the kind of girl who could wear sunglasses and look famous and sought-after. I felt like I could take on anything. When I wore the leather jacket, I felt that I could stand up for myself and speak out if I didn’t agree with something.

All because of a connotation that comes alongside a leather jacket. All psychological. And yet it managed to change my perspective, my day, how I viewed myself and others. It’s kind of scary when you think about it like that.

But it’s so legitimate. I wrote an article about how what we wear can make our decisions for us. And I still agree to that fact. How if you wear something and you think you’re more beautiful than usual, you act like you have more power because you feel more influential in what you’re wearing. You feel like you have someone’s undivided attention that you didn’t have the day before. You feel like you can change minds. You feel like you can change the world.

All because of an article of clothing.

Wear something that you love, campers, and change the world.

Sarah xx

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