Autumn Playlist

For the record, I’m aware that it’s been autumn for a while now. Totally aware. But it’s never too late to ponder the songs that make you think of autumn, because autumn songs kind of rock.

  1. Youth (Daughter)

So hauntingly beautiful, the guitar riff practically says ‘autumn’.

2. For What it’s Worth (Kygo & Angus and Julia Stone)

They get so dramatic and determined I can’t help but love it, especially with that piano.

3. Wasting My Young Years (London Grammar)

So angsty and dramatic. Why are all my autumn songs angsty and dramatic? Is that really the reputation my autumns have?

4.Eet (Regina Spektor)

This song is like an eternal autumn.

5. Straight into Your Arms (Vance Joy)

The bridge is what makes this song great. I remember singing this wearing bunchy autumn scarves.

6. Name of the game (ABBA)

Of course ABBA had to make an appearance.

7. Tether (CHVRCHES)

Try to make sense of the lyrics. The moment I did my life changed.

8. Roxanne (The Police)

Dancing in the autumn-time.

9. Deeper (Ella Eyre)

This song was the autumn of my high school life.

10. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (Peter, Paul and Mary)

Can’t get enough.

11. Treacherous (Taylor Swift)

When night falls sooner and sooner.

12. Orphans, Kingdoms (Brooke Fraser)

Autumn harmonizing.

13. Timshel (GQ)

Autumn, autumn, autumn.

14.One Headlight (Relient K)

Sarah’s autumn when she was seventeen turning eighteen.

15. Reflections (Bliss ‘n’ Esso)

The autumn of young-highschooler-me.

Have a great autumn, everyone!

Sarah xx

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