The Art of Loving Beanies

It’s currently raining outside, and I have never felt more excited for winter to hurry along, bringing with it beanies. The sky looks like a winter sky; all greys and clouds and compressed air. Does that make sense, compressed air? Even if it doesn’t, that’s what it feels like. That should be the definition of a stormy, wintry sky hung above our heads. It feels like the air has been pressurised, creating an electric atmosphere, even hours before the storm actually hits. It’s the feeling when it gets muggy yet rainy, and you feel like you’re in a slow cooker.

But that’s getting off topic, even for me.

Because today’s blog post is about winter = beanie. Not storms and compression and slow cookers. (Although slow cookers are amazing, that’s for another day.)

Beanies can be stylish. Beanies are warm. Beanies are comfortable.

I am so keen for winter so I can wear my beanie without getting too hot and sweaty. In the holidays, during summer, I found the perfect beanie. The fit, the look, the wool; it’s what you want in a beanie, I’m telling you. And I’m very, very very, excited to wear it.

But however much the sky looks like a winter sky, thus bringing the need for a beanie, it’s hot and not really like winter at all.

Until tomorrow, campers,

Sarah xx

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