The Art of Flying Insects

We were standing there casually, conversation going on between us all, although the following events make it hard to remember what was being discussed. We were midsentence when we were stopped. Stopped by the biggest insect I’ve legitimately ever seen.

It flew into the office without mercy. It was fast and unpredictable, suddenly faking right and flying left towards us before dodging our heads and flying in another direction completely. There was no strategy to its flying, it simply went here and there, allowing no room for peace as you could be attacked at any given moment.

If there’s something you should know about me, it’s that I’m not too fussed when it comes to insects, spiders, and anything in between (flying spiders *shudders*). I can easily get rid of them, either by putting a glass over it (occasionally you get a leg stuck on the rim and you awkwardly leave the spider legless) and carrying them outside or, in extreme circumstances (such as being kept awake at midnight because a Christmas beetle is bouncing off the walls and onto your bed) squashing them with a book or shoe.

But this? This insect that came flying into the office deserved a whole new category of its own: long-legged-massive-thing. Its legs were the longest insect legs in the world. It looked like a mosquito on steroids, or a tiny-winged dragonfly. It was insane. And kind of, in an odd sort of way if you’re into that kind of thing, cute.

I don’t know why I thought that this story was blog worthy, but my opinion remains unchanged even after typing it out,

Sarah xx

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