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The Art of Loving Ships

For the record, I’m not talking about literal ships that sail the seas, although I do love them too.

But for this specific blog post, I’m talking about the kind where you see two people that you want to be together (such as Castle and Beckett). If you’re like me, you’ll also use it in real life. What’s fantastic about the term “I ship it” is that you can use it both for couples that aren’t yet together, or with couples who are.

For instance, in the show “Castle”, which is one of the best shows on earth (about a cop and a writer) at the beginning you ship it because the banter is what makes the show, and you want them to kiss for the first four seasons (trust me, it’s painful). And then in the last few seasons (spoiler alert) they actually do get together and become official, but you can still ship it because you love them being together as a couple.

In simpler terms, you may ship Belle and the Beast, in Beauty and the Beast. You may ship Cinderella and the Prince. Or you can ship two people that will never be together, such as Belle and Gaston (ugh, please don’t).

Both shipping in fictional worlds and real life is brilliant. When it’s fictional, it’s always nice to have someone who’s either a) watching/reading alongside you so you can squeal together, or b) already seen it so they can watch your anguish without giving anything away. In real life, just make you sure you don’t make them feel awkward about it. My ships are usually kept inside my head or with trusted friends who can smile about it without making anyone embarrassed.

And who doesn’t like thinking about ‘ship names’? Admit it, you love it. There’s something so satisfying about coming up with the perfect ship name for people. (I mean, come on, how good is “Caskett”? It just flows.)

Once you see a ship you can’t unsee it,

Sarah xx


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