The Art of Loving Salted Caramel

Salted caramel is one of the best flavours in the entire world.

Just this morning, I was casually making myself a cup of tea when something amazing happened: I spied a container of salted caramel hot chocolate powder. And it was one of the greatest discoveries in all of history.

It was delicious. A hot salted caramel drink for breakfast? What a great way to start the morning! And it didn’t taste fake, it was legitimate salty caramel. It’s the simple things in life, isn’t it?

And don’t get me started on salted caramel chocolate. So good. And just the other day I had a salted caramel frappe. The year has been, so far, the year of salted caramel, and I’m not complaining one bit.

Salted caramel was one of life’s mysteries; why do I like something salty and sweet? And it was one of those things that I always felt you could only ever buy, not make, because it would be easy to make it too salty. And then one day one of my friends made salted caramel icing, and it was the first salted caramel icing I’ve ever tried. I might have to smile at her so she makes it again sometime.

I hope you get some salted caramel this month,

Sarah xx

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