The Art of Loving Socks

I open the drawers to find many socks, lying there, waiting to be put on so they can serve their purpose of being both practical and comfortable.

Socks are amazing, campers.

I never used to be a sock person. You know, throughout high school I’d see those girls with trendy socks; socks that didn’t match on purpose, socks that stood out in comparison to the black shoes and navy skirts. We had this trend at high school which involved wearing navy stockings with groovy ankle socks over the top, paired with canvas shoes or converse. And I tell you, that trend was the best thing about high school. Okay, I won’t go that far, but I actually did like it. That doesn’t mean I wear socks with stockings and cheap shoes from Kmart now, but at the time it definitely brought a lot of joy. You’d walk into school with your plain stockings underneath a pair of purple-stripey-polka-dotty ankle socks, and you were confident. I was confident like this.

But even then I wasn’t as into socks as I am now. Sure, I had the trend perfected, but I was one of the low-key sock wearers; socks that were grey and purple rather than green and pink.

Now, socks are slowly but surely overtaking my bottom drawer. Watermelon socks, bird socks, hot air balloon socks, stripey socks, polka dot socks.

Even non-patterned socks bring life. I have a new pair of navy ankle socks with white heels, and they fit so well they’re just a joy to wear. They fit exactly right; they aren’t baggy around the heel, and they’re springy and not worn out.

If anyone tries to convince you that socks are a last-resort present and unexciting, don’t listen to them. Direct them to this post. Because socks are all kinds of fabulous. Seriously, if you look up the word fabulous in the dictionary you’ll find a picture of a new pair of socks.

Treat-yo-self and buy a new pair of fabulous socks, even if you don’t need any more,

Sarah xx

2017 (89).JPG
Panda socks and an almost-thumbs-up

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