The Art of Loving Podcasts

I’ve been in a great mood for listening to podcasts lately. When I’m doing my laundry, when I’m studying, when I’m in the car, when I’m getting ready in the morning. Podcasts have started to take over my iPod, and I’m not complaining one bit.

I have to admit, I downloaded a whole bunch that I ended up deleting after listening to them for only a few minutes, because not every idea captures your attention in the practicality of it. Listening to some things make us bored, not going to lie here. Some podcasts just don’t do it for me.

It’s just such a good idea though, you know? We have so much information available to us, which can at times be overwhelming, but in moments like this it’s refreshing, because you can search any topic and there’s bound to be a podcast about it. Someone else shares your interest. I think that’s pretty neat.

I’m midway through a podcast episode right now, and I’m loving it. It’s so distracting, this is the longest I’ve ever taken writing a blog post, purely because this episode is one you can’t half-listen to. The podcast is called “Beautiful Anonymous”, by Chris Gethards, and it’s where anonymous people ring up this guy and they talk about whatever they want to talk about. The episodes are between forty and ninety minutes, which is kind of long, but they’re captivating, so I don’t really mind. These random people just ring up Chris and they have a massive conversation, with all these amazing tangents and thoughts. Hilarity and poignancy follow, and the stories they share are intriguing. Sometimes disturbing, but they definitely draw you in.

Anyway, this episode that I’m listening to is my favourite so far, and it’s episode 24, called “I Cry When I Run”. It’s kind of making my day. They discuss so many different things about anonymous’ life, I can’t put into words how much life it’s bringing me. I’m supposed to be studying, but instead I’m blogging and trying not to laugh out loud at this story anonymous is sharing.

I’m currently listening to episode 24, and I’m willing to spend the rest of my day sifting through more episodes and recommending more to you. But in the least, give a listen to episode 24, “I Cry When I Run”.

“Beautiful Anonymous” doesn’t tell you how to do things. It doesn’t tell you how to clean or do your hair or fix your washing machine. It’s not one of those podcasts; it doesn’t give you information you ‘need’ to know, it’s not a guide to anything. But it’s wonderful. Listening to people’s hearts as they share aspects of their life. It’s honestly opening my eyes as we speak.

People are great. Life is great. Podcasts are great.

Also, listening to podcasts makes me feel more intelligent. I don’t know; it’s not like anyone knows I’m listening to them rather than music, because all other people see is my earphones. But just listening to them makes me feel like a better version of myself.

If you do listen to episode 24, leave a comment at how you found it. It kind of changed my life a little bit.

What topic that I’m passionate about will I write about tomorrow? Who knows at this point,

Sarah xx

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