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The Art of Not Being Bored

This will be a good day.

Make some cinnamon toast, listen to your favourite album all the way through, have a bit of a dance party if you’re keen.

Do the slightest bit of work so you feel productive, watch a movie so you feel relaxed, drink a cup of tea so you feel warm you inside and out.

Have good conversations, look after yourself. Make plans to hang out later in the day but spend your now doing what you want to do.

Submit some essays to your favourite magazines and hope they publish you, put a new picture on the wall above your bed, like every photo in your Instagram feed.

Read a chapter of the book you’ve been putting off for weeks, return the movie that person lent you months ago, finish referencing that assignment so you can forget about it.

Throw out an old t-shirt, wipe down your bedside table because they get really dusty, have a shower.

Read a few articles. Get inspired. Write your own article. Draw a picture. Sing a song. Play an instrument. Write another article.

Get your laundry done, write down your dreams, start a bullet journal. Don’t just want to be organized, get organized.

Read your Bible, pray for a long time, worship for an even longer time.

It’s the weekend and life is good, campers.

Have a good one,

Sarah xx

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