The Art Known as Other People

Do you ever walk down the street and realize the people you’re walking past have lives, too? When you think about it, each individual is the centre of their own universe. We pay attention to what’s happening in our lives in that moment. We talk to the people in our world at that moment. We do the job that we have to do in that moment.

The person who walked beside you with their headphones in might be listening to your favourite album, your boyfriend’s favourite album, your least favourite album, an album you’ve never even heard of. We all might be more similar than you had originally thought, if only you’d ask the right question.

There are some days where some things are just really annoying. Someone clicking a pen over and over and over. Someone coughing over and over and over. Someone tapping their leg with their hand over and over and over. But it tells you that someone else exists. That someone else is there. Maybe if there was an apocalypse and half of our population disappeared or turned into zombies, you’d get to know them more and you’d find out that they’re not that bad.

Everyone has a story, everyone has something to say. Everyone has something worth listening to. Even in an apocalypse. Their story will make way into yours until their combined and you don’t know what your story was like without their commentary woven within.

I don’t know when this blog post got so deep,

Sarah xx

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