The Art of Drinking Chai

Chai tea is the best kind of tea (it’s up there with Australian Afternoon). Here are my reasons why:

  1. It’s Christmas in a cup.
  2. It’s adaptable. It’s good to drink in both hot and cold weather.
  3. It’s versatile. I can drink chai when I’m studying, when I’m relaxing, when I’m running late, when I’m running early, when it’s morning, when it’s night.
  4. It makes you sound fancy without being too fancy.
  5. Everyone knows what chai is, so you never need to explain your choice. Everyone just nods (some with distaste, but hey, you can’t please everyone).
  6. You can treat-yo-self without going overboard. Yesterday I sat down at a café, ordered a chai tea alongside a (massive) ham and cheese croissant, and it was really very nice much needed time by myself. I think I’ll become ‘that’ person, who studies in cafes but only ever orders drinks. (Hey, I can pretend that the croissant thing was a one off, right?) (But in all seriousness, it really fed my spirit as well as my body. Groovy, huh.)
  7. It smells like Heaven on earth.

Chai. Chai chai chai. Now I want one. Maybe I’ll go and buy another fifty.

Enjoy your tea, campers,

Sarah xx

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