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The Art of Drinking Chai

Chai tea is the best kind of tea (it’s up there with Australian Afternoon). Here are my reasons why.

– It’s Christmas in a cup

And Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, which means Chai is the most wonderful drink of the year, every year.

– It’s adaptable

It’s good to drink in both hot and cold weather.

– It’s versatile

I can drink chai when I’m studying, when I’m relaxing, when I’m running late, when I’m running early, when it’s morning, when it’s night.

– It makes you sound fancy without being too fancy

If you know what I mean *wink wink*

– Everyone knows what chai is.

Which means you never have to explain your choice. Everyone just nods (some with distaste, but hey, you can’t please everyone).

– You can treat-yo-self without going overboard.

Yesterday I sat down at a café, ordered a chai tea alongside a (massive) ham and cheese croissant, and it was really very nice much needed time by myself. I think I’ll become ‘that’ person, who studies in cafes but only ever orders drinks. (Hey, I can pretend that the croissant thing was a one off, right?) (But in all seriousness, it really fed my spirit as well as my body.) (Groovy, huh.)

– It smells like Heaven on earth.

Can anything compare? Not much.

Chai. Chai chai chai. Now I want one. Maybe I’ll go out and buy another fifty.

Enjoy your tea, campers,

Sarah xx

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