The Art of Wearing What You Like

Year 7 saw no denim. Year 10 saw Beatles shirts and Batman shirts and boy shirts in general. Year 10 saw me stealing my sister’s clothes. First year out of school saw me trying to discover what I actually liked because I no longer had a uniform to wear every day. I was forced into buying clothes, and I was forced into it quickly, surrounded by people who seemed to know who they were and exactly what they wanted.

The process of finding my own style started earlier than eighteen, but sometimes just because an idea has formed doesn’t mean the practicality has taken shape. You could have the perfect wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you’ve perfected your style. What you like next month could be different to what you like now.

There are some timeless items, of course, such as knowing that this dress shape looks good on me, so I’ll keep on buying those kinds of dresses. Colours that will always look better on us than other colours. Yellow and I, for instance, aren’t really the best of friends when it comes to fabric, and I don’t see that changing even after ten years.

But within our own walls of “yes, this is me. This is what I like”, we see changes. I might discover a new fit of pants. I might discover a new colour, a new neckline, a new sleeve length. There’s always room for a little something different. There’s always room to explore, grow.

I’m comfortable with the clothes I own. I have a good range of casual to fancy (I just wanted to use the word fancy at least once in my blog) and I like and wear everything that I own. I feel confident in everything (some more than others; we’ll always have our favourites, am I right am I right) and I love the feeling when one shirt goes with fifty different skirts. So good.

But hey, in ten years I might own a pair of velvet pants. I hope not, but who knows where I’ll branch out to if the situation allows. If I had an endless amount of money and I had to spend it on clothing, I wonder what my wardrobe would look like. To be honest, everything would probably only be worn once, I would have that many different dresses. And overalls. So many different pairs of overalls. Oh, and the jumpers, the coats, the cardigans! Winter would never be boring again. And don’t even get me started on the topic of scarves. They. Are. Phenomenal.

My point is, wear what you like.

I bought a pair of pants the other week, pyjama pants, so they’re for my enjoyment only. I feel like if I wore them around people, I’d need a shirt to wear with them saying “If you judge the pants they judge you back.” Yes, they’re that out-there. They’re that fun. They’re that noticeable, unique, groovy.

Stay true to you, campers.

Sarah xx

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