The Art of Wearing Your Decisions

What you wear can make your decisions for you.

I choose a pale blue sweater and end up sitting on my bed all day, watching movies on my laptop and reading articles about curling my hair, saving money, berry smoothies for clearer skin. I read and am inspired, but when night rolls around, productivity hasn’t necessarily occurred.

If I’m wearing leggings, I’ll more likely go for a run. If I’m wearing a dress, I’ll more likely go out. If I’m wearing pyjamas, I’ll more likely hibernate in my room.

Some days we dress more for comfort, others more for fashion. In winter I care less about my appearance and more about being rugged up, but in summer I care more about my appearance, because hey, I’m going to feel sweaty and gross regardless of what I’m wearing.

Some days we go through five different outfits before sticking with our first option. Why is that? Why can an outfit look so good, and two weeks later make you want to cry? Why can my hair look so good on the days I don’t see anyone, or five minutes before I go to sleep?

Perception. I see myself as looking good when I don’t see the person I want to see. Instead, they see me after I’ve gone for a run and I’m sweaty, or after I’ve been crying and my eyes are red. Thing is, they have seen me look good. I just don’t remember those moments; I remember the moments of being self-conscious, like being caught in a shirt that’s not quite flattering, or wearing pants that don’t quite fit.

If they see me on a good hair day, I’ll be more open to conversation, because I’m more confident. If someone catches me on a bad hair day, I’m more likely to run and hide. I bet half the time they don’t even notice; I probably just look normal most of the time. But in the moment, internal panic ensues and common sense doesn’t make an appearance.

What you wear can make your decisions for you.

I know that my clothes can dictate my actions. Totally aware of it. But I wonder how much they should.

Have a good day, friend,

Sarah xx

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