The Art of Changing your Hair (thus changing your life)

This seems like one of those movies where the girl gets her heart broken by her boyfriend of two years because he starts dating her best friend and so the girl with the broken heart, our protagonist of the story, after many weeks of weeping, gets a new best friend who tells her to get her act together. And she does. By visiting art galleries on her own, throwing out that box of her ex’s stuff, going on a random road trip with that random guy who ends up being the love of her life even though at the start of the movie no way is it ever going to happen (by the end your rooting for them, even when she screws it up by saying the wrong thing. Admit it. We all always root for them.) and she usually gets a haircut to signify the change that’s happened on the inside.

If she has long hair, she might cut it short so that she can no longer hide behind it, creating the illusion that she’s fun and free and no longer shy and awkward. You know exactly what I’m talking about. And I’m sure that, at least for some of you, a haircut symbolizes something that’s happening in your life. Sometimes a haircut is simply a haircut, but even if you just want to do something different, a haircut holds meaning, right, like the want of change? Because you’re bored with the way things were and just have this strong pull for something new?

I don’t know why I decided to get my hair done today; nothing in my life right now has caused the need to get my hair done differently, other than the fact that I want a change. I haven’t broken up with anyone, I haven’t moved away from home recently, I haven’t stood up to a bully. I’m just embracing the things that I like and that I want to do. I was brave enough to branch out even though it could have ended up looking awful. (It actually looks fabulous, by the way just sayin’.)


This haircut has resulted in what will probably be short-lived confidence, purely because I know that my true confidence comes from God, and my haircut is not God. I love God confidence, because it lasts because of who he is not because of who we are or what we look like or what we do. God confidence is carried in knowing who He is and knowing whose we are. So even though I still have insecure moments, they’re the times that I stop seeing myself how God does and when I start to see myself through worldly lenses.

I love my haircut, even though I’m not the protagonist of a movie who’s changing her life. I love my haircut even though it doesn’t define who I am. I love my hair because God made my hair.

Now that my hair has been done, I feel the need for a great soundtrack. (I also feel the need for something to clean or throw out or organize or decorate or put back in order because this is the kind of inspired mood I’m in right now, all because I’m really happy with how my hair appointment went today.) Alas, I don’t have these things to do, but I can wake up tomorrow and put on my confident-sweater and wear my hair down and it’ll be a good day.

Make a change if it’s a change you need,

And get a haircut that you want even though there’s a risk in doing so,

Sarah xx

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