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The Art of Loving Quiche (and other simple pleasures)

Today I had quiche for the first time in forever (now I have that song stuck in my head) (the song about it being the first time in forever, not a song about quiches) (although is that a thing? Because if it is, please link it to me in the comments), and I’m telling you, it made my day. It involved me in saying to everyone who walked through the office door “quiche is happening for lunch! Twenty minutes!”

Simple pleasures are the best. Alongside quiche, this involves the smell of clean laundry (and the feeling of sliding into clean sheets), the feel of soft grass on bare feet, making eye contact with someone who saw the same funny thing that you did, an uncluttered room, singing in the shower (or car) (loudly), laughing until you can’t breathe (even if you wonder in the moment if it’s the moment you’ll die, because you legitimately cannot breathe), and flicking through a book.

There are so many simple pleasures, these are just a few of my favourites. Just like my post on finding inspiration, I want you to think of your simple pleasures. They can make your day, just like quiche.

I hope you had your own version of my quiche today,

Sarah xx

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