The Art of Loving Fridays

I feel like most people would agree with me when I say that Fridays like this are awesome. I finished my day at five, and as four thirty rolls around, there’s that excitement that says “We’re nearly done, and because we know of what’s to come, we don’t mind working this last half hour.”

Usually my ‘weekend’ is Monday and Tuesday, and Friday is my busiest day of the week. But about once a month, like today, my weekend is the real weekend, and life seems bright. There are endless possibilities for what the weekend holds. You may have a to-do list like I do, but it doesn’t seem all that daunting, simply because Saturday’s are amazing no matter what you have do. And between the studying, there are guitars to be played and journals to be written and pools to be swum and food to be eaten and that makes the studying easier, knowing that there’s something to look forward afterwards. Or before. Or in between. Depends on how much of a procrastinator you are. But still, rewards are great, regardless of when you give them to yourself.

Weekends are one of those things that can be both productive and lazy, and both I will fully embrace at any given time. And whilst it was painful at the time, I’m glad I knocked over a bulk of my assignment on Thursday so I can have more free time this Saturday. It’s a good feeling now, I tell you. Definitely worth it.

I’m too excited for the weekend to write a full post, so this will have to suffice. But I hope that whatever it is you end up doing, your weekend is fabulous.

Sarah xx

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