The Art of Writing Letters

Last year, much to my joy, one of my church friends and I decided to start writing letters to each other. So every few weeks a letter would be found in my pigeon hole, which I loved receiving. It would be a great blessing to sit down with a cup of chai tea (a.k.a. Christmas in a cup) and read many pages from her. She also had beautiful handwriting, which made it feel like I was in a Jane Austen book.

It’s kind of sad that everything is so quick these days. I find something so enjoyable in the waiting and then, finally, when you finally get it, the excitement and relief. Sometimes I do get impatient, I must admit, because getting things quickly is what you want sometimes (like when you order a jumper online and you just want to wear it already), but that’s not always best. Patience is a fruit of the spirit as well as being a virtue.

Receiving letters also gave me a time in which I could reply. It made sure I sat down, at least every couple of weeks, and took a breath to reflect on my how my life was going and share what had been on my heart. Some weeks there was much to say, other weeks the letters weren’t that long. But the process was always joyful and fulfilling (except for the fact that stamps are getting more and more expensive. Seriously guys? One stamp. One stamp is all I’m asking).

We’ve continued our letter correspondence through to this year, which I’m excited about. There’s something thrilling about receiving mail, especially when it’s not from the bank or Centrelink.

I’ll also start writing more letters because I now have my Compassion Child (which I wrote a post on). It’s good to slow down and write. Maybe you could try it out,

Sarah xx

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