The Art of Having a Winters Day in Summer

It rained earlier tonight, making the world smell like it was turning over a new leaf. The rain was steady as it bounced off gutters, roofs, tables. It made me happy, very much so; a reprieve from the humidity we’ve been experiencing over the past weeks.

Point is, it is now officially cold enough (not that it’s cold, per say, but we can pretend) to wear a jumper! (Paired with shorts and a fan blowing cold air onto my face, but that’s beside the point.)

So here is my list for all those who are craving a bit of winter to match their mood. (I realize I have a whole blog post dedicated to the reasoning of why we should appreciate summer while it’s here, and winter when it comes, but for now we put that post on the back burner. I was in a totally different mindset whilst writing that post. I’m a changed woman, what can I say.)

1/ Wear a jumper one size bigger than your usual.

Long sleeves (and by long I mean going past your hands), long middle (so when you wear shorts it looks like you’re not wearing pants) and snuggly. This gives off the vibe that you need to be curled over in a comfy couch, wrapped in this mega-jumper of yours.

2/ Listen to songs that remind you of your winter days.

For me, this usually involves some Jon Bellion, Enya (though don’t admit to listening to Enya like Ive just done), Milky Chance, Soko, and Sam Smith. No, Adele does not belong on this list. She stays purely in the category of dramatically-listen-to-in-the-car-and-pretend-I’ve-been-in-love.

Also important to note, try putting your earphones in. Not because I want you to damage your hearing, but because I love being able to hear the detail in the instruments behind the vocals. Especially bass.

3/ Cup of tea

In my opinion, tea is always needed and should never be turned away, but the fact that it is both a) hot, and b) late at night, are both working against my favour.

4/ Read a good book.

A classic is usually my go-to, and right now it’s Wuthering Heights. The start of a classic is generally slow going (you wonder if it’s worth the hype) but after about one hundred pages you find yourself suddenly sucked in to a world that you’re not a part of, and you can’t put it down. I’m still waiting for that to happen to me with Wuthering Heights, and I’m really hoping it’s soon.

5/ Have a good conversation but don’t feel the need to hang around

This one doesn’t need an explanation, because any day is a good day to have a good conversation.

Well, it’s time for this camper to publish this post. Have a good one, friends,

Sarah xx

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