The Art of Being Pleasantly Surprised

A friend wrote me a letter last night. And it blessed my heart in more ways than one. It was the kind of God-thought-out letter that made me get shivers in my back (like the feeling you get when you have to sneeze but can’t quite get it out, only it was nice).

The point is, I know that God introduces people into our lives for a reason. Some people you look at and you think “why”, but for me, at least, there’s usually a lesson that can be learnt from them. Not always; some people you think “yeah, no”, but living in a Christian environment, I can count on the fact that God will grow me through the relationship, regardless of how close I am with the person.

There are some people you want to be closer to, and I’ve found that by asking God if I can have opportunities to grow that relationship, He gives them to me if I have the right motivation for wanting more of a connection with that person. He opens the right doors to both bless you and grow you. Groovy, huh.

Everyone has something to offer, and I gladly listen. Maybe you could intentionally seek someone out?

Sarah xx

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