The Art of Missing Avocados

The title is a pun, because this post is both about missing avocados (as in, I miss them so much I want to hold them in my arms and never let them go.) and missing avocados (as in, where have those dang avocados gotten to, I can’t find them anywhere.)

Because, last night, at approximately five minutes to eleven, my friend and I discovered something horrid: our avocados were missing.

I live in community, which means I live with about twenty other people, and there are three girls to one bedroom, and everything downstairs is free for all. It means that in regards to the kitchen, if you don’t label something, it could quite possibly disappear because someone thought it was free for all.

Our avocados were not free for all. They were clearly labelled.

So there we were, my friend and I, sitting down with a movie, when she looks at me and says “What happened to our two avocados that we bought a few days ago?”

Needless to say, the movie was paused and out came two frantic women searching for their avos. It doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal, but those avocados were expensive. Seven dollars for two avocados, and they’ve suddenly vanished. Where the heck did they go?

After searching every possible place in the kitchen that they could be (fridges, benches, cupboards, plastic bags), we tossed around theories. Maybe someone ate them and just forgot to tell us? No, you don’t eat someone else’s avocados without saying something. Maybe someone threw them out? No, I understand that they weren’t ripe yet, but they were clearly edible and un-throw-out-able. Maybe someone stole them? As in, took our avocados without any plan of telling us about it? No, no one would do such a thing…right?

The clock strikes eleven thirty, and we’ve asked our peers without luck. No one seems to know anything about our avocados. But we didn’t eat them. They were unripe, so we’ve been waiting for them to ripen so we could have them in these next few days. No one eats unripe avocados. It’s just wrong.

As the clock rolls on to midnight, hope is lost and despair wins. Happy Valentines Day, Sarah; enjoy your missing avocados.

Note to self: put tracking chips into all avocados from now on,

Sarah xx

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