The Art of Watching Doctor Who

Pulling a Doctor Who marathon is one of the best ways to spend a day off. Here’s how to do it, and do it well:

1. Find several people who also love Doctor Who (and who don’t object to sitting in one chair for hours on end.)

1. Wake up at eight and do a few things on your to-do list. (Chores must be out of the way early so you don’t need to pause halfway through to go and wash the dishes or hang out your laundry.)

2. Claim the room where you want to watch it. (A room with air conditioning is preferable for this.)

3. Start from Eccleston and work your way up through the Doctors. (Starting at Smith is not something I want to go through.)

4. Watch from ten o’clock onwards. (It’s a reasonable time whilst leaving you plenty of watching space.)

5. Pause around noon (at the end of an episode, of course) for food. This is a very important step.

6. Keep going until one of you hits the wall. (And then pray they break through the wall and into overtiredness so they feel like they can keep going even though they probably shouldn’t.)

7. Don’t apologize. It wasn’t a waste of time.

8. Fangirl over your favourite moments. (Most of mine occur with Tennant, but Eccleston does have some gold moments.)

9. Ship it. (Even though it probably won’t work out because he’s the Doctor, and come-on.)

Have a great day, even if you’re not marathoning Doctor Who like the writer of this blog,

Sarah xx

P.S. The picture that I chose for today’s blog post is a tiny little astronaut that I discovered. Remind you of Silence in the Library? Yeah boi.

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