The Art of Being Motivated in the Heat

There is no such thing. Stay cool, campers.

Sarah xx

That’s what my post should look like, because that’s how I’m feeling right now. Sweat is dripping unpleasantly (although I doubt it could ever drip pleasantly) and everything feels sticky and feral. Being motivated in the heat is like…something that just doesn’t get asked, because it’s that far-fetched.

So, here are some ideas that you really should be doing anyway:

– drink cold water (heat headaches are the worst)

– stand in front of the air con (because a fan just doesn’t cut it in this heat)

– don’t move (unless it’s for food)

– don’t write a long or logical blog post (that takes up effort that you don’t have right now. Instead, write a short blog post about the heat and how much you can’t actually avoid it.)

As I said, stay cool campers,

Sarah xx


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