The Art of Hearing ‘That’ Song (part 2)

Not that long ago, I wrote a post on “The Art of Hearing ‘That’ Song” (, and I listed twenty of my top memory songs. Well, now we have part 2; the part where I give you the list of my top twenty Christian memory songs. Get excited, peeps; this is a playlist I will always love.

(Please note: I tried to put up the youtube videos for them to make life easier for you, but my blog post kept disappearing and deleting itself. So for now, you’ll have to make do with a simple list.) (Also, I didn’t realise so many of these were from Hillsong. I don’t even go to Hillsong.)

1. What a Beautiful Name (Hillsong Worship)

2. Furious (Jeremy Riddle)

3. Pursue/All I Need is You (Hillsong Worship)

4. Heroes (Amanda Cook)

5. You Make me Brave (Bethel)

6. Oceans (Hillsong United)

7. Love Knows no End (Hillsong Live)

8. Broken Vessels (Hillsong Worship)

9. Sinking Deep (Hillsong Young and Free)

10. Love on the Line (Hillsong Worship)

11. It is Well with my Soul (Jars of Clay)

12. Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise) (Hillsong Worship)

13. Good, Good Father (Chris Tomlin)

14. Forever Reign (Hillsong Worship)

15. Beauty for Ashes (Chris McClarney)

16. You Hold me Now (Hillsong United)

17. Rooftops (Jesus Culture)

18. Love (Chris Tomlin)

19. O Holy Night (Damien Leith)

20. Thankful for You (TobyMac)

I hope these songs encouraged you as much as they have me,

Sarah xx

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