Hearing ‘That’ Song Playlist (part 1)

The song that reminds you of that time, place, person. I love the way a song can immediately make you remember the first time you heard it, the second time, the fiftieth time. I love how one song can have an upbeat tune, but still make you feel sad because of what it makes you think of. I love how one song can make you feel so many different things at once, because that one song is linked with ten different memories.

My play list for you today is of my top twenty memory songs; those songs that I hear and immediately think of the context in which I’ve heard them before. Some are good memories, some are bad memories, but all of these songs are really important to me. I hope you enjoy listening to them.

1. Mango Tree (Angus and Julia Stone)

I discovered this song when I was fifteen, and there was no turning back. It seems to reappear at least once a year, each year surrounding different people. Good one, Angus and Julia Stone.

2. Next to You (L D R U)

So many car trips and one spontaneous shopping outing, these lyrics will never not hold importance.

3. Resolution (Matt Corby)

I heard this song for the first time last year, and can’t get it out of my head, nor can I forget my feelings when I heard it for the first time.

4. Us (Regina Spektor)

I’ve heard this song so many times I can sing the parts just right.

5. Stolen Dance (Milky Chance)

No matter what mood I’m in, this song will always make me dramatically sing its almost-sort-of sad words.

6. Shed a Light (Robin Shulz, David Guetta, Cheat Codes)

Some songs are sad, but they make you feel happy. This song is one of those songs.

7. Waves (Dean Lewis)

You can’t help but relive the past with this.

8. Another Love (Tom Odell)

This song will make you feel, and feel more than you originally expect as he gets more and more into it. It has the perfect amount of angst and pain, and is one of the few songs that perfectly describes what it’s like to be caught up.

9. Nervous (Gavin James)

*cries* too much sadness.

10. Battlefield (Jordin Sparks)

Two words: Dance. Moves.

11. We Might be Dead by Tomorrow (Soko)

A rainy day song.

12. Buy the Stars (Marina and the Diamonds)

To play during a long drive when you’re eighteen and pondering every life decision you’ve ever made.

13. Hoops (The Rubens)

I can’t seem to escape this song.

14. Brighter than Gold (The Cat Empire)

Random out bursts of singing this song during exam week.

15. Why Does my Heart Feel so Bad (Moby)

Thanks, brother.

16. One Day More (Les Miserable)

When you and your sister try to sing the duet, and end up singing five different characters in a matter of seconds.

17. Hold me Now (Thompson Twins)

Thanks, mum.

18. Knockin’ (Freddie Stroma)

When you’re staying with your sister and this song is playing on repeat.

19. I Love You Always Forever (Bety Who)

It was a summer of waking up early and dancing.

20. Michael Row the Boat Ashore (Peter Seger)

Thanks, dad.

Sarah xx

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