The Art of Eating a Kiwi Fruit

Sometimes kiwi fruit trick you, because they feel like they’re the perfect amount of ripeness, and then you cut into them and it’s like a rock on the inside.

What do you do when this happens?” is the question we’re all asking ourselves. (We’re asking the deep stuff now.)

Usually I would simply cut the kiwi fruit in half with a sharp knife, then scoop out the delicious green filling with a spoon and eat. It’s a natural bowl, which I think is pretty funky. But what if it’s hard and you can’t get the spoon to get the filling out? You’ll need to get the knife and slice off the skin, then cut the kiwi fruit into segments.

I think you can tell I’m tired by reading this post (seriously Sarah, a post on eating a kiwi fruit? It’s not rocket science), but I’m posting anyway.

Please don’t eat the skin of a kiwi fruit,

Sarah xx

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