The Art of Laughing

There is almost nothing better than laughing, right from your stomach, when you feel like you haven’t laughed in a long time. When it’s with people you love, and you’re so full of joy, and it’s like you’ve never known pain. When the sound of their laughter makes you laugh even harder, and vice versa, and you know you’re making them happy, too. The contagious nature of another person’s laugh is something that will always amaze me.

Something in my life that I never want to lose is the ability to laugh with the people around me. The ability to laugh late at night, with hands covering mouths as you try not to wake anyone up. The ability to laugh in a large group of people when only two of you understand the joke being said. The ability to laugh at yourself if something doesn’t quite go the way you wanted it to, and you’re with someone else and for someone reason, they make you feel better about it instead of worse. The ability to laugh with someone who’s caused you pain, and hurt. The ability to laugh after you’ve had a massive cry, and have a cry-headache that leaves you dehydrated and exhausted.

Sometimes laughing is full on, other times it’s a small reaching out for something else other than what you’re already feeling. Sometimes it comes more naturally than others, and sometimes it’s a cover up for something else.

I hope you found something to laugh about today,

Sarah xx

duck pond animal happy laugh
Laughing with some random ducks

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