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The Art of Late Nighting It

What does the title even mean?” I hear you ask.

Well, I’ve had several late nights in a row, and here is a blog post on the art of living in such a manner. To be honest, it doesn’t really fit in with my lifestyle, the whole staying up late all nights and waking up late the next morning. I work Wednesday to Sunday most weeks, with an 8:30am start and a 5pm finish.

But I’ve had a week off work, alongside my other work colleagues, and the past few nights have been spent going to bed late and waking up early, which I can’t keep up for long. I’ve hit the wall, and I aint breaking through it.

Two nights ago, and you would have seen me sitting in a (very) uncomfortable chair, half asleep, talking with two friends who were also in a similar state to me; one of delirious hilarity mixed with deep stuff.

One night ago, and you would have seen me sitting in a (very) comfortable chair, watching the tennis and having great chats with more friends of mine.

And tonight, you would have seen me standing in a hallway with one friend of mine, having that conversation I’ve been meaning to have for a few days now. It resulted in more than I expected, and things are good. Things are good.

Late nights are great. I love them, because there’s usually a deep-and-meaningful conversation chucked in, tons of laughter, and when you do finally go to bed, there’s this satisfying feeling because you have amazing people in your life and you wouldn’t rather it any other way.

If you find that you work best at night, stick to your schedule, because it means you’re being you like only you can, and you know what works for you. Every now and then I get that feeling, when it’s midnight, and I’ve just made a to-do list, and I’m so keen to just go and be productive.

This week I haven’t felt that. At all.

So even though I hope to have a massive sleep in tomorrow, on my last day off before work starts up again, I have no regrets for the hours I spend talking to people, even though at least fifty times in the conversation I say “okay, I’m going to bed now.”

Sleep well friends,

Sarah xx

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