The Art of Having a Free Day

What to do if you have a whole day free for yourself, and how to make it both awesome and productive. Free days are about enjoying yourself whilst not wasting it away.

1/ Make breakfast

I know you’ve heard it before, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I have to say, I used to dislike hearing this because I never used to like breakfast. Toast, not my thing. Cereal, also not my thing. Breakfast, not my thing in general. Eating that early usually makes me feel sick, but if I don’t eat I get hungry during work, and that’s not good, either. So scrambled eggs or muesli is usually what I go for. Smoothies are also amazing. So if you have a whole day ahead of you, take your time to make something special for yourself. Look after yourself. And enjoy breakfast.

This morning I made myself some scrambled eggs and sat in the dining room, not rushing around, but having a leisurely time as I readied myself for the day. It was a late breakfast, easing me into the day.

2/ Dress for the occasion

If having a lazy day involves you wearing overalls, go for it. If it involves you dressing up for yourself, go for it. Wear what you want and how you want. This day is about you and enjoying yourself. Your free day should make you feel good, and dressing how you want is a part of that.

3/ Have a to-do list

If you don’t have a to-do list, make one. If you have one, prioritize it. Having a free day is about being productive whilst enjoying yourself and relaxing. Having a free day should energize you, not exhaust you. What helps me is having a to-do list, and choosing a few things that I want to achieve that day. Not too many that would make me stressed, but a few that I can knock off.

For instance, today I plan on vacuuming, organizing a guitar lesson, organizing my assignment folder (ready for study next week), and folding my laundry. Nothing too strenuous, but things that will make my tomorrow a lot easier to deal with.

4/ Play music

This morning I listened to music for twenty or so minutes as I did my laundry, and it got me excited for the day (playlists are really amazing in that way), so put on some of your favourite music, and dance it out. Get excited; it’s your day!

Although, on the flip side of this, silence is awesome too. This morning I had some great quiet time with God, and the silence makes a big difference. Too much noise doesn’t cut it for me, so make sure you balance out listening to music/tv shows and having no sound around you.

5/ Connect with people

This is your day, and I want you to be able to have ample ‘you’ time, but we all have people we love. My whole day is about energising myself, and as you know, people exhaust me if I don’t balance the me time and people time. So today I’m spending most of my day doing things on my own, but tonight I’m going out with friends for a few hours, to hang out and do life together. And because I’m having so much me time during the day, I’ll be ready for that time with friends, and I’ll love it, and it’ll energize me because I’ve spent this time now doing other things I love.

6/ Declutter

Sometimes stuff gets in the way of doing other things. For me personally, having a clear, organized desk helps me do my work, because I know where things are, and there’s room on my desk for my computer, papers, pens, etc. It all fits. It’s like when I cook, I need a clean station. Today I don’t need to do any decluttering, because I did a massive clean out in December, ready for the new year, but I do need to declutter every now and then, because things pile up. Sometimes I end up with a lot of paper on my desk, and I need to intentionally go through it all and put it in its proper place. Other times, the drawers in my bedside table get in a mess because I just dump random stuff in there, and so I decide to take it all out and organise it, because it’s making it hard to keep a track of where the things I actually need are. And I find that clutter makes my productivity lessen, as it gets in the way of what I actually need to do.

7/ Exercise

Okay, so today my exercise consisted of dancing in my room. But at least I’m moving. And vacuuming and hanging out my washing was moving. Well, in the least, it wasn’t me sitting. Sitting all day isn’t good for you, and makes my legs ache. So I try to at least do one thing that gets the blood pumping; even if it is just me vacuuming, or having a three minute dance party. Small steps in the right direction are often the biggest, and this is a start.

8/ Be you

This is kind of cheesy. But I want you to enjoy your free day. You have a whole day ahead of you, so spend it in a way that you’ll love, that will energize you. This list is a me list, and if it suits you, that’s awesome, and I’m glad, but if you don’t want to take its advice, that’s awesome too, because you know what works for you. This is just to motivate you, to get your productivity flowing.

I hope you have an awesome free day,

Sarah xx

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