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The Art of Singing into a Microphone

When singing into a microphone, I have several bits of advice, all learnt first hand:

1) Hold the microphone up to your mouth. I used to hold it down really low, where it wouldn’t pick up any sound. The point of a microphone is to be heard, not to pretend it doesn’t exist.

2) Turn the volume on the microphone up. When I first started singing as part of the worship team here where I work, I would make sure it was turned down super low, so for the times that it was held high up, no one would hear me sing anyway.

3) Go for it. If you sing quietly, it’s harder to hit the high notes. But if you sing from your diaphragm and with a confidence that you may not know you possess, you’ll find the high notes a lot stronger, easier, and better sounding, simply because you’re singing out and not softly.

This morning’s worship session was one of my favourites; I have a few sessions forever etched in my memory, and the one from this morning is one of those. It was the most confident I’ve been in practise, when usually I save the confidence for when the audience is around. But I found myself having so much fun in rehearsal, singing it out and going for it. I used to be way too afraid; afraid of being judged, afraid of not being good enough.

If you want to sing, do it. Take it from me, someone who was quiet for far too long, that it’s worth it. It may be awkward to start off with, because doing something new usually is, until you get the swing of it. But if you want to sing up the front for worship, if you want to sing for a YouTube channel, if you want to sing when you’re doing the dishes, go for it. Sing it loud and proud, baby, and know that someone will hear it, someone will hear you, because you have a voice, and that voice is worth hearing.

And you know, it took me a while to understand that. A long time, actually. Every worship session begins with me sending a prayer to God, asking Him to help me sing for Him. He is where my help comes from.


I pray that every worship session is like singing in the Kingdom of God,

Sarah xx

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