The Art of Babysitting

I don’t know much about babies.

And to be fair, after spending an entire afternoon babysitting, I still don’t know all that much. I never used to consider myself as being a baby person, partly because I grew up being the youngest of four, and this means I never had the job of taking care of a younger sibling or holding a new born baby. Because I was the baby. And I never had the drive that some girls do to become a mother as soon as possible. This isn’t to say I don’t want to be a mum, it’s simply that it’s not one of my biggest passions in the world. But since August last year, it’s definitely been promoted higher in the ranks as something I’d want one day.

You know, I have no idea how to change a nappy. And up until August last year (I say August because that’s when someone close to me had her first child), I had never even held a baby before. I was awkward to start off with (seriously, what if I drop it? Sorry, her?!), and whilst I still have my moments, I’m getting better.

But some of the things I’ve learnt in my babysitting days are as follows:

1/ Smiley babies make me smiley. They look at you with those big brown eyes, and they’re watching you, and suddenly their mouth turns upward and it is honestly one of the cutest things in the world.

2/ Most things are difficult to do with only one hand, because the other is carrying a crying baby. It really is a tag team effort getting something done. Like changing the volume on the TV remote, or washing the dishes, or turning on the oven.

3/ Once she’s asleep the volume of the movie you’re trying to watch can’t be too loud, because you want that sleep to go for as long as possible.

4/ You will try to take selfies with the baby, and they will stop smiling the moment the camera is on them. Well, with this baby that was the case. I had great expectations of a great photo, but that wasn’t how things turned out in the end. But hey, she was photogenic no matter what face she was pulling. And she was always cute, too.

5/ You will want to watch them always because everything they do makes you go ‘aww’, and then you wonder if it was like that when you were a baby. Did randoms really smile at you because you made a cute noise? Yes, yes they did. Because babies have a ‘free-for-all’ vibe.

6/ Make pizza whilst babysitting, because you won’t have to share it with the baby.

7/ Mums and dads have a tough job, and I admire them for it.

I hope you had as much fun as I did today,

Sarah xx

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